About Us

Ricky Roy

CEO, Software Developer, Mechanical Engineering

Ricky Roy received his Bachelors of Science from the University of California, Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering. Ricky worked for Navair as an Aerospace Engineer from 2006-2011. He developed custom algorithms for Navy Flight Test projects and performed data analysis, test and evaluation for the US Navy, the Canadian Forces, and Finnish Air Force. He Co-Founded Snowbourne LLC in 2010 and is the Chief Executive Officer. Snowbourne LLC now has two titles on the iOS App Store and Ricky is currently working on two new projects that will launch soon.

Rohan Roy

CTO, Software Developer, Graphic Design

Rohan earned his bachelor's degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. He is a web designer and developer who is also gaining experience in mobile app development. He is a jack of all trades, with knowledge and expertise in database administration and architecture, graphic design, web development and user interfaces. He has 8 years of PHP and MySQL experience, and remembers a day when PHP didn't support closures. He is currently a software engineer at Qualcomm working on modem drivers for Windows Phone.

Mike Rigney

Marketing and Product Development

Mike Rigney hails from Michigan, where he attended Kettering University with a major in Mechanical Engineering. After working in private industry for 3 years, Mike now works for the Naval Air Systems Command as a Mechanical Engineer and Integrated Product Team Lead. His background involves everything from the implementation of statistical process control in automotive manufacturing processes to sales and marketing in the polymer raw materials industry. Mike is the newest member of the Snowbourne team and is excited to help grow the company's application offerings.

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Our Services

We provide stellar workflow and concise deadlines for all our clients, if you're looking to hire a talented, disciplined software company for your idea or project, please take a look at what we offer.

  • iOS SDK (iPhone & iPad)
  • Web Applications (Drupal, Yii)
  • Database Architecture
  • Web Design (HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Google, Bing)

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Snowbourne, LLC, is a software development firm based out of San Diego, CA. We specialize in Web Site Design, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad. You can contact us at info@snowbourne.com, through our Facebook, or @Snowbourne on Twitter!